Laboratory test sieve

Laboratory test sieve is widely used in laboratory screening tests and analysis, quality inspection departments which analysis particles, powder particle size distribution measurement, product impurity content, measured liquid solids content. Compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, precision accuracy and so prominent, high-quality new power generator, producing multi-frequency vibration, for efficient screening of the material was determined. Meanwhile according to different materials to achieve the electronic delay by different working hours, to minimize testing errors, ensure the consistency of sample analysis data to make an accurate judgment on the quality of products.
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1.The machine has the function of re-crashing the agglomeration materials and is safe and reliable for a long time operation.

2.The screen machine can be placed a maximum eight layers tests sieves (including the bottom sieve), can separate the material into 2 to 7 grade at the same time.

3.The products can be automatic shut down according to the electric time controller and Accurate judgment of the online product quality.

4.Free adjustment of all process parameters (time, amplitude).

5.Set the same analysis of time, the inspection to ensure minimum error.

Technical parameter

Items Name Unit Data
1 Layers Layer 1~8
2 Diameter Mm Φ100 Φ200 Φ300
3 Granularity Mm 0.038-3
4 Noise DB ≤50
5 Feeding capacity (once) G ≤200g/ml
6 Amplitude Mm ≤5
7 Voltage V 220
8 Speed R/min 1420
9 Power Kw 0.125
10 Overall dimension Mm 450×415×800
11 Weight Kg 45


Widely used in metallurgy, powder, chemical, medicine, building materials, geology, and national defense scientific research and production departments, laboratories, quality control rooms, institutions of higher learning lab, on the granular, powder particle size structure of materials, liquid type solids content and the amount of debris vibration screening, filtering, standard test sieve test.

Made for the measurement of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content or solid content in liquid, which are extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments.

Product pictures

laboratory test sieve (3)

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