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Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary vibrating screen machine is a high-precision powder grading machine,low noise,high efficiency, quick changer takes 3-5 minutes,totally enclosed structure,for grain,flour,mucus and other materials screening filter.Rotary Vibrating Screen is a motor for vertical excitation source, the motor and lower eccentric weight installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal,vertical,inclined three elementary motions,then the movement passed to the screen surface.Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, the material can change the trajectory of the screen surface.
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Rotary vibrating screen works is the use motor shaft up and down heavy hammer (unbalanced heavy hammer), the motor rotation into horizontal, vertical, tilted three yuan movement, then the movement passed to the screen mesh, So that the raw material on the screen mesh to do outside the involutes movement, so the series of vibrating screen is also rotary vibrating screen. This series of vibrating screen has the advantages of long trajectory of material running and high utilization of screen mesh, and adjusts the phase angle of the upper and lower hammer; it can be to change the trajectory the raw material on the screen mesh surface. The material can be fine screening and classification and so on.

XZS series of rotary vibrating screen is high-precision fine powder sieving machinery, the low noise, high efficiency, replace mesh screen fast, only need 3-5 minutes. fully enclosed structure, suitable for grain, powder, liquid and other materials screening filter.


Product function

The circular vibrating sieve machine is fit for dry and wet sieving, classification of powdery, granular and filamentary materials and dehydration of materials. If fine sieving is required it can be satisfied by adopting high-efficiency screen mesh-cleaning device to improve the sieving. For wet sieving it is especially fit for separation of sludge (waste water) and preliminary compression of mixed matter of solid and liquid materials.


1.Filtering:Remove the particles from the liquid.
2.Grading:Classification is put powder and particles of different sizes into particles. With 1 to 5 layers of screens, one three decks vibrating screen can separate 4 size the particle continuously,and have the narrow particle size range control.
3.Impurity:In high flow process, the machine can remove large particles or particles with lower percentage quickly.


Offers different materials, different models of vibrating screen and can be customized



High efficiency, ingenious design, durable and suitable for screening any kinds of the powder and viscous fluid.

No jam for the screen net, no powders flying around and no liquid leaking out when running, fully sealed structure and environmentally friendly.

Small size and can be moved easily.

The screen nets are uniquely designed under 500 mesh, and the net.

It only takes 3~5 MINS to replace and clean the net conveniently.

Stainless steel parts contacting materials.

Easy to operate, impurities and coarse materials can be discharged automatically, continuous operations.







The proper selection of the vibrating screen depends on the material, number of layers, every mesh size, capacity, material moisture, viscous and corrosive etc:

1. Screening material : _____

2. How many layer(s):_______

3. Every mesh size:______ mesh . ______ mesh.______ mesh...

4. Capacity: :________t/h

5. Moisture, viscous, corrosive ________

6. Voltage:______V, Frequency:______HZ, 3 phase

7. Mild steel(Q235A), SS304, or SS316



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